About Us

Somewhere between the Betty Crocker Cookbook and a Robot Heart sunrise set at Burning Man, there exists an exciting new monthly dinner series called Wildcard PDX that is anything but stuffy or conventional.

Upscale food with the proper finesse of a fine dining establishment meets relaxed, friendly vibes and boisterous conversation. Heavy beats and funky tunes seem only appropriate to complement the intense, provocative flavors and textures of each bite. Each month’s hyper-seasonal menu is kept secret until you sit down to enjoy the meal, but rest assured that your tastebuds will thank you for reserving a seat.

About Isaac Ocejo

You’d be hard-pressed to have worked or dined in the restaurant industry here in Portland, and NOT have had the memorable experience of meeting Isaac Ocejo.

For over ten years, Isaac has been part of the Portland service industry; he honed his skills in the kitchens of many notable restaurants around town- Skin and Bones, Wafu, Imperial, Paley’s Place, Noisette and Tastebud, to name a few. He also had his hands in front-of-house and behind the scenes work farming, organizing and consulting teams of many of the city’s top eateries. He specializes, though, in giving out big bear hugs to his friends and strangers alike.

The idea of Wildcard was born out of Isaac’s desire to incorporate two of his great passions: properly executed food with the ethos of Burning Man within the everyday realm.

What had, in its infancy, started as a way to bring great people together to dine amongst dope food, solid wines and properly inappropriate conversation has evolved into something so, so much more. Wildcard is an expression of his heart on a plate, an extension of himself, a celebration of life and all the things that make it delicious.

If you know Isaac, you also know what revs his engine (almost as much as a shot of tequila, a beer, and a piping hot bowl of Tom Yum soup):

meeting new people and bringin’ the party.

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